Through excellence and dynamic partnership, WE provide High performance equipment and materials for the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry...

About RNM Dynamics (Our Vision)

We are the globally-recognized company of choice in the semiconductor and other leading industries.
Ours is a company that cares for and delights its customers, stakeholders, and business partners because we commit to their growth.
In pursuing their welfare, we become mutually profitable. We are able to create opportunities where our employees grow, succeed, and pursue happiness. In this light, we become the best we can be.
Our products anticipated and exceed our clients’ needs. Our service is dependable.
We bring to the world change that makes a difference.

OUR Milestone...

  • Established in 2003
  • 4 strategic Offices in the Philippines including two in North and one in Cebu branch and an office in Singapore.
  • Associate member of SEIPI (Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines, Inc. )
  • Key supplier and service provider of major Semiconductor, Electronics, Photovoltaic, Hard Disks, Food & Beverage, Automotive, and Pharmaceuiticals Companies in the Philippines.
  • Dynamic Sales and Service  staff  with long years of varied experience from different field of expertise
  • Partnered to world-class manufacturer  and market leaders.


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